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Related article: Hat 's important is that the weather is too late, I'm afraid, and I need your help. " Gian- Carlo Menotti " The Consul " Act II, Scene 2 ( 1950) Copyright, G. Schirmer hands Cliff shook as he smoothed the wrinkles in the n is the fixed two-page letter. I wanted to read it slowly n to review each word of a hidden meaning in the case since Roger had the n victim of a crime. My favorite Cliff, I love you. I love you, but I had to go. I know, This might seem like a dichotomy, but I try. the best I can explain to the first time informed by my sudden heritage, all I could think was, " Now I freely, spend 24 hours a day with Cliff - if I need it. " S See you face to face, and to see the depth of feeling in the eyes, that immediately realized that nothing had changed, the mutual lovewas still very hot, and is brilliant. As our budget has grown from two small up to six, which was presented on several occasions with proof that influenced his life positively on the lives of all around --- of his compassion, his empathy, his soul was mounted for his wonderful vocation. That served a specific purpose in life. Each new member of our growing of the family always made ​​me stronger, realizing that, , but my love for you and my money, even if given \\ \\ n freely in both cases, I have been for nothing. Night after night, I saw you sleeping, exhausted but blessed --- have been devoted to on a different day for humanity, and had made a differences. N I, on the other hand, I recognized as a growing resentment of the church to the reception of to me all day. I do not know if you ever met my great Mother Cole. He loved gardening and had is a huge garden of flowers of all kinds... annuals, perennials, so they have flowers all throughout the day. even that caught my attention to their high hibiscus plants. They were bigger than my head. The next day, and after that, instead I showed the progress of outbreaks before the drama became a red , purple, yellow and pink. Weeks passed times the button to open at last. and after all the work you have done a screen flower flower only for a day. The The next day, the flower had died and is replaced by a neighboring flower. all n that effort, too little time to be enjoyed Russian Lolitas or remembered. I remember what I My grandmother always said, when he realized is a new flower. I had a look and say that. " Well, today is your day? Now, make the most that while you're here. " Of course, the day following the flower away. I have no analogy to explain n between the hibiscus flowers and our lives. mara meRing, or if look at someone and say, "So today," , but it never happened. I just want to be ready when my day comes and I want to to be there with me. Apparently, the day every day comes from the large number of in your community, that you make friends, com - take a strong, and even reduce, if necessary Sary. I am not this privilege. So take a leave of absence in my life. I do not know where I , I think, or how long I will stay. I hope that at the end of my search, I found to believe in a deity, if n is Buddha, Mohammed or a golden calf. A man should not believe in death without the something, and that's what was missing in my life s. By now you will be contacted by me new lawyer, Walter Clayton. I said, kind, the five of you, what you want - n ed or used... the sky is the limit! All my love to give, you have al- ready VHAe. I just hope it will not be enough fer from anxiety because of concern about my safety or health. I'll be careful and I I think of you with every breath I take. know if and when I'm with the company , if I have success or not to find what you seek. That is I expected a beautiful warm arms around you just for me. With all my love, Roger u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e Cliff tried to put his thoughts in ten words what I felt, , just read the explanation Roger. They were: to help... Confusion... Anger... Pain... Shame... vacuum... Betrayal... Despair... Hope... and courage. Probably it was a combination of ten, plus some more. During his life, Cliff had doubts about the deity, and of the church. He believed that everyone has questions when reading the Old Testament and accept it at face value. There are many stories that Sounds simple, but what are... "Stories ! "N, for example, how Noah managed dos Everything on your boat? There are so many animals do favorable for their region or the environment. How do you assemble all of two n species, and if there are penguins and polar bears, black mambas or duckbill platypus, which lives in the Sinai region ? the stories of the Old Testament Hebrew tradition or chimney gave the stories by word of mouth for centuries no documentation in writing. each story has been expanded and decorated in n in turn by Russian Lolitas each plate. the Hubble Space Telescope Galaxy astronomers showed n of galaxies and unknown universes showed that there could only be reached " time travel, "but everyone was supposed to believe that Elisha ascended to heaven in a whirlwind, like Dorothy going to Oz? Roger was able to figure out what he thinks because he had not chosen to believe that Roger had lost faith, and without it I can not visible especially when the test was necessary, but impossible to produce. Cliff rRoger ereader words in the search for a track or a secret message from s I may have missed. But unfortunately, only came to a conclusion. deep knowledge Roger determination, Cliff knew he would never see him again found and Roger had " their" God or a reasonable facsimile. I wanted to be to make sure your family Briarwood boys have the same meaning that it has received , Cliff decided to read the letter to them, rather than risk one of them could be a misinterpretation. When Final reading Cliff tries not to express emotions with his vote to show break. Kyle and Ryan had decided to stay with Jay. He looked at each of the six faces, and seemed surprised by the news, but Ryan and Kyle had never met, but he only knew Roger. The first reaction of Cliff was the duel assume the role of widow, maybe you should take a wife of Odysseus embroidered while he was on his quest. But he remembered his vocation... work with tasks many... the reason why had to be a priest. He had to face and conquer all odds, such as pain, including his own. It would be a failure. n still director of the rectory and its monitor to "adopt" stations needs without neglecting his flock in the church. When is the time was ripe, Roger again, but more importantly, he return to the cliff... and Cliff would be willing to receive it, wondering how... arms open. The next day, as Walter Clayton Cliff as promised, an appointment at 9:00 clock Roger to discuss financial plans. Roger was so meticulous in their decisions, Cliff was no question that Rih had chosen only the perfect lawyer to handle your affairs. I did not know Cliff, the smallness of the world, if only the day before, Jay had met with some stations Walter and discovered they had much in common with had the same ex -lover, Lonnie. You have to meet with Walter in the office. Cliff was not clear, the attorney for the s was so young (Even forty years of age) and therefore visible n handsome. For a split second, Cliff felt a hint of jealousy when he asked n In addition, Roger and Walter together, how they met, and acquaintance what circumstances? Not only as a priest, but a gay priest, was Cliff Hotel a s built -in gaydar s because once Walter shook hands and shut the sense of way their eyes look, I knew the another played with the same computer. " Cliff 's father, please come ! " began Walter. " Just, 'Cliff ', is good. " Cliff said. " I understand that two members of our families are very common, my Kyle and Jay. " " Do you think we are all part of a great plan, right? " " you mean, like divine intervention? " " or voodoo, depending on what you choose to believe " " I'm afraid I'm too skeptical to believe mysticism. "said Walter. " So you believe in God?" Cliff said. " I know, but I do not know what I would call in his confession. In some circles, I am what I would have to cAll back- sliding. I are not in the Church since the death of my wife. " ", but has two children, I understand. " " Yes - Alex, who is eighteen years next month and graduate from High School, and a petty tyrant, Jeff, who is sixteen. I'm afraid I have been negligent parents when their spiritual education. by Well, I think you have met Jeff. " " Really? " " Yes, he attended one of their services before a couple of Sundays. In the case of did not realize they have a great impression on him. There has been talk of , and since that time. " " I feel very flattered. Sorry, I do a personal. " " Oh, but you did! Apparently, in his eyes, which were like a n and after him fame, he stayed to talk with you to the door, if the service was over. He came to his church with his best friend, Earl Freeman and his family. " " The young man with Ellen Freeman? " " It's him! " " Then I am forced, Jeff made ​​an impression on me and say n. Please tell, dass " "I'm sure, "laughed Walter. " It's not often that a someone in the religious profession, Jeff has attracted interest. " " With your permission, of course, I hope to see him back in San Ginés. I hope you will forgive my impertinence, but I and we invite you to come to your children, including Kyle and Ryan, and some have to our services if desired. " " I'd like. Who knows, maybe I'll find what I lost in my faith n. " " What do you want to take you somewhere in the world, unlike Roger done? ". N " Sorry, "said Walter. " I do not want to sound rude, but is as the old saying : " Sometimes Russian Lolitas what you're looking for is not that what s the right before you. " " Apparently it was not what Roger was looking for... Do you have idea where he is, Walter? "N " I'd be your mind , ease Cliff, but I have no idea where n. We meet her one day, a couple of weeks, and Roger spoke of his all financial arrangements. He told me about you, Jay, Troy. Rob and Timothy. Forgiveand my bold, but for me it was clear he n loves you more than life. He had for himself or for one of the children dying life with you. " ", then you know that indiscreet, subject to our family a gay lifestyle ? " " Yes.. if this time the confession, I hope that makes you better feel is when I say, my family. " " Excuse me? " " My two sons and three real "adopted " children are gay. " " And you can go that far, what do you ask? Use " " can. I was gay before my wife and I came to all our of marriage, my best friend and I had a gay relationship is not sexual. the son of his s, Ted, and my son, Alex, live together in a relationship. " "What luck for both parents to understand. " " I am against the open with you. I swore that if he ever had an n gay son or a daughter, I'll see that he or she is able to enjoy your life as possible, without my intervention. My best friend and they were never offered this privilege. " " It seems and I have some else in common, what you ask ask if possible, both for our families to dinner one night, , or maybe a swim party buffet Russian Lolitas ? " " I think this is a wonderful idea. Last night I had a long conversation with Kyle and told me all the broken fences could have the existed between him and Jay were repaired. I'm sure Jeff could get always happy to talk with you and getting to know you better. A trip would be good for all my colleagues. Do you have a pool? " " Are you familiar with the old farm Marsden ? " " Of course. Roger mentioned something about buying a large House of Representatives. I'm starting to combine all these pieces together. He afraid that he only saw her home from abroad in search of "Walter replied. " So I invite everyone to come some Saturday, but I'm afraid I'm in throughout the afternoon confessional bound. However, if to be 11, low 00 on Sunday, come to church, which could have is a potentol party, followed by a barbecue or something that the boys as. " "Aha! Do I hear a madness in his method?... A plan to deceive me in the church come with the promise of an evening after the service? " Walters had a smile in her voice n. " No, not a package. If you do not want to come massive, you can bring your family on... say... two in the n in the afternoon? " " Oh, no, I want full treatment when I come. It would be nice Set my spirituality grows a bit, especially with his iconic Jeff attraction for you.. " " I love to see Jeff again.. I have two young acolytes to help me with services, only slightly younger than Jeff. that s are the pains of adolescence, and who knows, could and Jeff learn something from each other. " " Good God, I shudder to think what would happen if Jeff was always religious enough to be a follower ! " " We are taught that the Lord moves in mysterious ways. Would not it be n be amazingWhen Jeff loved the church and one day, a minister or a priest? " " I fear that if Jeff never be a minister of any kind as a whole new religion would have to be initiated. "Walter said, laughing. " is very short notice to invite all of you this Sunday? "N " I do not... In fact, I think we would all and be exposed to religion. When the Church always hurts has someone ? " " Then you expect this Sunday. I'll call Jay. I know I I would like to organize a party. I " n " Jeff has a friend who likes to wear? " " depends on the day of the week. Jeff has a friend who is his s friend one day, and his best friend the next. You know him - Earl Freeman? " " by all means, please invite Jeff Earl. I just hope that Earl do not see anything unusual and go home and tell your mother, Ellen. namely, " " I have the sneaking suspicion that some things, Ellen is not Earl... No, especially when he and Jeff will spend the night all togetherThe weekend. " " In this case, I will invite Tony and Jason, their two children in the church, , and can maintain and Jeff Earl entertained while adults have their drinks or what be. " " Open This life is not judged by their church ? " " No, Walter... "Live and let live as long as it's legal," is our creed. "N " You know, Cliff, we have all these plans and have not yet analyze what you've been... Roger 's financial arrangements. " " still time... that is, if you do? " " Sure. I can take all day if necessary. " " So I can, " u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c \\ \\ u003e u003c u003e Cliff Walter left office around noon and returned to his office in the church. called Jay Russian Lolitas and "doing" Jay Day, which placed at the party. As expected, it happens every time something good to life.. Cliff seemed to be always accompanied by bad news is in the middle Cliff n in the mail the morning was a letter of resignation from Jonathan Tidball, organist the church and choir director Cliff was angry - and happy at the same time. This could be the start of the renovation of the gallery with his voices, praising the Almighty, although it would not sour Cliff the stomach on Sunday afternoon. There are many things he shared with Roger Cliff, taste, and was their choice in music. Both were big fans of the Broadway singer Barbara Cook. Roger Cliff remembered reading a review by Rex Reed wrote : Carnegie Hall concert and subsequent recording Barbara. Rex had praised Barbara sings and says : "When we get to heaven, and if all the choir of angels sing as well Russian Lolitas as Barbara, then God will have to do a lot to explain. ". "Oh," Cliff prayed, " if only I could fill my church choir n with or a lot of Barbara Cook and Jerry Hadley is, could ensure the row of seats in the sky! " Cliff decided to ask Rob or Timmy, if I knew anyone that replace Jonathan, to advertise the position and no auditions. What happens is that Rob was a friend in New York had called Wayne might interested come to live in Briarwood and to building a choir land. The work was lucrative enough to attract. of Of course, Cliff could throw in a few benefits, if only Wayne could have succeeded where Jonathan had failed. If necessary, I would say Walter Cliff and ask if I would pay money for a choir with Roger... I was about to "sound " Cliff and Roger has always wanted. Such waiver Jonathan is really a blessing in disguise! (To be continued in " Briarwood " Book Three - "Briarwood Lost " - Chapter - 27)
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